My vision, Mission & values

My Vision

My vision is to contribute to a more conscious society that acknowledges the interconnectedness of body, emotions, spirit and mind and the environment we find ourselves in. I envision a world that understands how trauma impacts every one of us on this journey, a world that lends a hand and offers a conducive environment for healing.

My Mission

My mission is to empower and support those facing the challenges and complexities of trauma to heal their wounds of the soul holistically and provide guidance and education to society to destigmatize trauma and its effects.

My Values

Our values are what is important to us and they determine our priorities in life. They influence our thoughts, our emotions, needs, and ultimately our behaviors. What matters to us is what we embody and how we move in this world.

What matters to me is honestly expressing my truth, aligning my actions with the words I speak, making a difference through compassion and giving. My foundation is courage which guides me and enables me to be open to life, new experiences and others. I value freedom and my independence. This openness to life and my sense of adventure are what make me advance in life. Finally, no matter what happens, or what happened in the past, I believe in the good. My practice is based on the values I stand for.

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