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Jiwa Damai – My Journey to the Peaceful Soul

Between February and March, I spent about a month at Jiwa Damai, a Permaculture Garden and Retreat Center close to Ubud in Bali. I came for lessons of Permaculture, of the Earth. What I got were lessons of the Earth, of the Self, of My Self, of the connectedness between them all through the Earth and the heart. This is a long read. It’s a very personal one, too. That is why I hesitated to share it with the world for the past three months. This article weaves together a lot of my journal entries - thoughts and feelings - from that very healing and special time for me. After all, I feel that Annette Messager was right when she said “Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them.” So there goes this week’s blog - a little piece of my heart, a big part of my healing.