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Al(l)one - The Need for Solitude

How many times do we argue, simply, because we are overstimulated - in need for space just for ourselves? Many mistake solitude for loneliness. They either blame those conscious of their need for solitude for isolating themselves, or they are incapable of spending a day without company. But solitude is being alone. It means being one with all. In this week’s blog, I’m speaking about the need for solitude and why it’s important for your well-being.

A Gardener's Manifesto for Movement

Skip the gym and go outside! Gardening is a rewarding activity with healing effects for the mind. Apart from reconnecting with nature and a new feeling of being grounded, gardening offers an incredible opportunity to move and exercise. Explore the many effects of gardening with me and get some practical recommendations on how to make your gardening “workout” most effective.

The Benefits of Journaling

Writing is not only for writers. One of the first things we learn in elementary school is how to write and through the years it becomes as natural as breathing. No one told us how healthy the habit of expressive writing is though, so I’m diving into the benefits of journaling while giving you some easy and practical tips to get started!