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Why Vulnerability Needs to Go Hand in Hand with Setting Boundaries to Heal from Trauma

“Vulnerability” has become a popular topic among entrepreneurship, leadership and mental health discussions. It is a term that is omnipresent these days: We are encouraged to be vulnerable in order to connect, to succeed, to attract what is (good) for us. Yet, what we exclude from this narrative of vulnerability and its benefits is that boundaries are part of being vulnerable, too. Vulnerability does not translate to sharing our most painful trauma with the world in detail. It means sharing it with those who deserve to hear our story.

Connecting the Dots to Heal from Trauma

When I follow the dots of my life, I can see that they are what got me here. Life is our greatest teacher. My experiences are where I am from.

Finding purpose in what we have been through and seeing the beauty, resilience and strength that is within us due to both our joyful and our traumatic experiences makes room for acceptance and gratitude. And gratitude is healing. Crisis has the beautiful potential to transform us into our true selves, if we don’t run away from it.