Why Vulnerability Needs to Go Hand in Hand with Setting Boundaries to Heal from Trauma

“Vulnerability” has become a popular topic among entrepreneurship, leadership and mental health discussions. It is a term that is omnipresent these days: We are encouraged to be vulnerable in order to connect, to succeed, to attract what is (good) for us. Yet, what we exclude from this narrative of vulnerability and its benefits is that boundaries are part of being vulnerable, too. Vulnerability does not translate to sharing our most painful trauma with the world in detail. It means sharing it with those who deserve to hear our story.

Connecting the Dots to Heal from Trauma

When I follow the dots of my life, I can see that they are what got me here. Life is our greatest teacher. My experiences are where I am from.

Finding purpose in what we have been through and seeing the beauty, resilience and strength that is within us due to both our joyful and our traumatic experiences makes room for acceptance and gratitude. And gratitude is healing. Crisis has the beautiful potential to transform us into our true selves, if we don’t run away from it.

Emotional Time Travelling

Emotional Time Travelling can be referred to as travelling to past experiences in our memories and to possible future scenarios in our imagination inside of our minds. In other words, focusing on what has already happened or on what might happen. This kind of reflection on the past or the future directly impacts the way you feel now.

How to Counter Chronic and Traumatic Stress Every Day (& What Indian Chai Has Got to Do With It)

During periods of chronic or traumatic stress, your body is on high alert. Finding your equilibrium again is a process that takes time. The good news though: You can help by creating rituals for yourself and make them part of your every day. Treat yourself like something holy - your body is your temple, after all.

One of my favorite rituals is the slow preparation of my morning tea, Indian Chai. Read more and find the recipe here.

Grounding - Getting closer to the Earth

Ηolistic healing from trauma and chronic stress means to take care of oneself with the help of lifestyle changes, too. Integrating grounding hobbies and activities in your life is so important to support yourself on this journey. There are so many beautiful ways of finding that stillness. It may seem insignificant today, but it has the power to make a difference the moment you let yourself have this space. And every day that follows.

Warming Pumpkin Spice Porridge

To manage stress (and your blood sugar levels), a filling, satisfying, balanced breakfast and regular meals are key. This can determine how your blood sugar and energy levels are sustained throughout your day. As the days go colder, I enjoy balancing my energy levels with a warming breakfast. And one of my current favorites is this: A Warming Pumpkin Spice Porridge

Soulistic Travels

After intense stressful periods, or just for the fun of it, we seek travel and adventures to uplift our spirits and feel better, lively, rejuvenated. Here’s the thing. Travel itself is not only the romantic version of the best moments we get to experience. Travel can become a stressful and taxing experience for our bodies and souls. So as much as adventures and travel elevate the spirit, they also require plenty of happy compromises. And because my heart beats for exploring our beautiful planet and adventures, I have put together my tips for making it easier to maintain your balance while travelling and to create these happy compromises yourself right here!