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Meet Marie-Theres Langlotz, BSc, CNP

Hello, my name is Marie. Nice to meet you! I am the face and the heart behind Goldmarie's Soulistic Nutrition. I believe that sharing our stories creates true connection. Let me tell you my story, the story behind Goldmarie's Soulistic Nutrition.

There is a German fairytale by the Grimm brothers called “Mother Hulda” which tells the story of a girl named Goldmarie. In short, she goes through struggles and is a hardworking girl, but despite the hardships she encounters, she is resilient and kind to all beings. In the end, she is rewarded with a shower of gold and her freedom. Enabled to go home and live the life she wants, she lives happily ever after.

When I grew up, this fairytale used to be one of my favorite fairytales, for even as a little girl, I understood the importance of believing, of giving, of resiliency and kindness.

Friends of mine have started calling me ‘Goldmarie’ years ago, because of my life-loving attitude, my way of smiling at life and of course, my blond long hair. But what really makes the fairytale of ‘Mother Hulda’ so relatable to me, is that like Goldmarie, I have gone through very challenging times in my life, kept going and took responsibility for myself.

Before becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, I graduated in International Business, majoring in marketing and management. The reality of the business environment made me anxious and I had to push myself a lot during my studies and work experiences at that time which felt draining. What I experienced is that working against my nature made me sick. At some point, I was suffering from countless allergies. Adapting a very restrictive diet, I found myself depressed and slipping into an eating disorder. It’s been a struggle that made me question all that I was and all that I did, but most importantly, it changed my understanding of health and living; of all that effects health and happiness. Through years of trial and error and a lot of education, with loving support, self-love, and finally my studies of Holistic Nutrition at IHN in Vancouver, Canada, I continuously paved the way to healing myself. Along the way, I faced the deep effects of traumatic and chronic stress. I volunteered for the NGO 'the Schoolbox Project’ in one of the refugee camps close to Athens, Greece and was trained in trauma-informed care. It is through the work with the children in the camp and my own experiences that I learned about trauma, its meaning, and holistic ways of supporting a traumatized body and soul. I became aware of how stigmatized the term “trauma” is to this day and how misunderstood those suffering from traumatic stress are. In consequence, the focus of my work has become to work with clients that experience chronic and traumatic stress.

It can be very difficult to be on this healing journey and trying to create a balance between work, social life and a healthy life style. I aim to share the knowledge I have on nutrition, trauma, and wellness to empower my clients to make informed and more intuitive decisions for a healthier life.

To further improve my practice in this field, studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and became certified as a Practitioner at Achology, the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

What is your story?

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I'm a digital nomad and the world is my oyster. I work internationally, offering one-on-one consultations wherever I am, as well as online consultations. I am also available for talks, workshops, and seminars around holistic nutrition, trauma, and health.

At the moment, you can find me in Athens, Greece.

For in-person sessions, meet me at:
Inner Hive Yoga & Holistic Open Studios
Imittou 119, Pangrati, Athens, Greece, 11632

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